Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Forty Six & 2 by Tool

Any Tool fans? I highly recommend watching this youtube video. I don't know who put this together but they provide the lyrics and explain some of the concepts and meanings behind the song which are deeply rooted in Carl Jung's theory which brings us back to whole dreaming topic. I've been working on another post (focusing on sleep paralysis) to help open up the forum for those who are interested. I will also continue to post information about my nutrition and over-all wellbeing as this is a big part of how I deal with my neurological differences (I'm holding steady at 126 and feeling great, if you'd like to know).

Tool is an amazing band and their lyrics are profound and should speak to so many of you- whether you recall your dreams or not, this isn't about dreaming- it's about awareness and personal growth. If you get the chance, watch their music videos. They're definitely on the gritty side but that's how I like it- dark, raw and honest. There is so much beauty in things when they are stripped of all their superficial adornments.

***Quick Update: I should add that the person who did this video offers a lot of theories about human evolution (of the mind) and you should take it worth a grain of salt and don't let it shake you up, if it bothers you. To me, it's poetic and creative theories and fascinating to contemplate, but I'm fairly certain that the song was written about a more personal, internal struggle (i.e., Maynard's shadows) and not about labeling and dividing people on an evolutionary level. Again, I'm going on memory so I might be wrong, Tool is a "Think for yourself, Question Authority" type of artist. It's not a follow the herd and the asses-of-the-masses band. That's all I wanted to add...for now.

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