Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy To Know You

I'm still new to blogging and I'm just barely beginning to get to know some of you. But already, this place has brought me some comfort and an almost sense of belonging. So, this is my way of saying, thank you and that I'm Happy to Know You.


  1. quick question, who is the blond on your sidebar?? She reminds me of Gwen Stefani but I can tell it's not her.

    Glad you're enjoying the land of blogging :) I've been getting a lot of negativity on my blog lately and as a result I've stopped enjoying blogging as much :(

    ~ H

  2. Hi Harlow!
    Yeah, I read your last blog about the anonymous comment. That really sucks and that's exactly why I worry about blogging.

    I'm an extremely sensitive person. It's not that I can't take criticism or discuss ideas, it's more of an issue with why people feel the need to attack and judge, on an online blogging forum, of all things. People can either chose to or not to read a blog. If they're going to have such a negative reaction and feel the need to attack a perfect stranger, they need to move on and pick another battle.

    Point being, I hope you don't stop blogging, but more importantly, I hope you can get back to enjoying it. We can always make our blogs private and send invites to those sincerely interested in connecting and sharing. That's what I'm going to do if the comments get out of hand. Fuck them, anyway, right? How can people get so bent out of shape? No one forced the blog into their face, and they don't even think before they rant.

    Case in point, I was very worried about posting the Fight Club scene, for fear that someone would say I was promoting self-harm, or destructive behavior. I almost wrote a disclaimer. But then I thought, fuck it. I'll wait till someone complains, and if someone expresses a valid concern, I'll add a disclaimer.

    Sorry for going on and on. I'm a bit isolated and I love to chat so that's why I'm here. I hope you continue to blog.


  3. AHH! I didn't even answer your first question. I apologize. The pics aren't of Gwen Stefani. She's some model from this site I found. Let me dig through my virtual notes and I'll get back to you on the source.

    Thanks again for the comment, Harlow. Sometimes I feel like I'm on an old Ham radio, somewhere out in the middle of no-where, saying, "Hello? Can anyone hear me? This is Amelia. Please? Anyone?"